DesignFloater FAQ

1. Why register

Are you a design student, a graduate, a designer, an architect, a production company, a craftsman or a manufacturer? If yes, DesignFloater can be your best friend: you can introduce yourself to interesting individuals, networks and industries on the platform.

For students or fresh graduates: DesignFloater serves as a useful platform that helps to get introduced to a dynamic industry that is full of exciting career possibilities. Discover different production possibilities and learn from their expertise.

For designers and architects: you can come into contact with interesting people that have a high potential to co-operate with you in a creative, efficient, innovative and effective way through our platform. It helps you discover new industries, new production processes… DesignFloater also helps you to introduce yourself to a large network of designers, companies and craftsmen.

For craftsmen, production companies and manufacturers: you can get into immediate contact with designers and architects. This means that you get direct input from your target group. You find out about your target group’s needs and you get introduced to new and creative ideas in an easy way. And what’s a bonus: you can offer your services directly to designers and architects. Hence, DesignFloater is the perfect marketing solution.

2. Is there a registration fee?

See our pricing plan here

3. How do I register/create a profile?

Go to and click on ‘Register’. Fill in the blankets and upload your profile picture. Accept the ‘Terms & Conditions’ and the ‘Privacy Policy’. Click on ‘Sign up now’.

4. How can I find production possibilities for my project?

Go to the service page. Select a material, technique, target group an/or location and click on ‘Filter’. Choose the service that matches your interest. Use the ‘request an offer’ button to request an offer. Or Make an appointment by using the ‘make an appointment’ button.

This is the only way you can be sure they will answer your question and offer properly. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Tell us! Get in contact with us here

5. How can I introduce my services?

Get designers, architects or students to know your services. By using the platform you can offer your services to architects, designers and students. Interested to offer your services on Mail to or give us a call: +32 474 83 26 83