Glagolitic bench

Nikola K | no name studio


With this project I want to emphasize the importance of the Croatian culture and history as the basic factors of national identity and encourage people to think about their values. The intent is to emphasize the visual aspect of Croatian cultural values and to demonstrate how the same could be interesting even to those who do not know its origins.

The creation of this urban bench is my contribution to the parks, streets, squares and other public spaces as essential elements of any populated area. The bearers of the bench are inspired by the shape of the Glagolitic letter ?, which form is adapted to the needs of the construction.

The first nine letters of the Glagolitic alphabet are engraved on the front of the bench:

Az - buky - vjedje - glagoljo - dobro - jest - zivjeti - elo - zemlji

Which means: “I, who know the script, know that it’s good (honorable) to live on earth!“

The classic bench is made of concrete bearers and Croatian oak beams.

The Glagolitic bench is an application of the Glagolitic alphabet that deserves more attention and respect and is considered as an unique representative of the original Croatian identity!